Immediate Response Patient Opinion Surveyst

In the competitive environments of today, it is important to understand patient satisfaction to maintain quality ratings with CMS, AHA and FAH.


With Maxlink CareTeam 365 Call Service, each admitted Patient / family are contacted daily by RN Care Coordinator from the day of the admission to receive feedback of patient's satisfaction of their hospital care rather than waiting till the discharge. The hospital will have complete control over the questions asked and the data collected. All of the data collected is available 24/7 for analysis and reporting. By paying close attention to the data collected, hospitals will be better able to improve patient satisfaction and improve the overall quality of care delivery.

This way The Post Discharge follow up program and patient engagement begins to take shape from the day of admission.

Post discharge, the assigned RN care Coordinator monitors patient condition on a daily basis to ensure, educate and remind patient and or family/ caregiver about medications, diet, exercise compliance and to identify any new or recurring symptoms. The patient follow up and engagement for 45 days post discharge closes the loop in achieving continuous integration of hospital transitional care services, Physician's office follow up and the patient's experience.

Physician and Patient Collaboration

Our Global Call Center of experienced RNs, Pharmacists, Dieticians, and Health Coach deliver service excellence at award winning global standards with impactful savings on cost.

We offer daily and / or weekly patient follow up, health education and ongoing consultations with quality and value delivered at its best.

Patient risk assessment, monitoring, follow up and ongoing management to ensure that the Patient is engaged regularly for better Health outcomes. Enhancing Patient experience post discharge in continuation of treatment and therapy adherence.

Our Ground workforce of licensed RN Care Coordinators, RN Case Managers, Pharmacists and Dieticians engage the Patient towards better managed health.

Daily Phone Consultations ensure patients wellbeing, Medication reminders, Appointment reminders and early detection of risk factors.