Maxlink Health Care Team 365

Maxlink Health is a unique global service organization providing effective and flexible solutions to significantly enhance Healthcare Communication by licensed healthcare providers via tele Consultations with the patients.

Maxlink Health's CareTeam365 helps leading healthcare providers, including large integrated delivery systems, Health Plan providers, Home Health providers, Research and Pharma entities and progressive physician practices to optimize patient care management while actively controlling costs. We help reduce readmissions and fundamentally improve care delivery.

About CareTeam365:

CareTeam365 is a team of healthcare professionals such as licensed RNs, Pharmacists, Nutritionists and Health Coaches working together in an integrated care model focused on improving the quality of healthcare to improve patient outcomes.

Maxlink Health CareTeam365 Services:

Maxlink Health delivers solutions for patient relationship management that enables providers to identify care opportunities informed by data directly received via patient communication. We make remote care management and monitoring extremely cost effective.

  • Post-discharge outreach.
  • Improved disease management to avoid emergency room visits and readmissions.
  • Promotion of patient engagement in self-care.
  • Moving moderate-risk patients from costly episodic care to preventive self-care.
  • Offer Physician approved specific health education to patients.
  • Offer strategies to improve quality of care
  • Ensure close Health Care Monitoring, timely health assessments, identifying risk factors via extensive Tele Consultations with patients on a daily, weekly and as needed basis.
  • Medication Management – Daily assessment and reminder phone calls by an RN care coordinator, Weekly consultations with Pharmacist and RN Case Manager.
  • Moving high-risk category patients to becoming self-sufficient in the management of their care.
  • Promote and maintain participation in preventive screenings by patients identified as low-risk.
  • Improving patient satisfaction and help improve Hospital HCAHPS scores.
  • Offer Condition-specific follow up to patients / Manage chronic diseases.
  • Ensure Integration of Care services such as diagnostics, Physician office visits, follow up with various specialties.
  • Facilitating Physician appointments and follow ups.
  • Nutritional /Wellness Coaching and More…

Why choose CareTeam365?

We offer care model for:

  • Improving quality of care keeping the cost of care low
  • Offer Condition-specific follow up to manage chronic diseases
  • Improving patient satisfaction
  • Maxlink Health CareTeam365 helps hospitals follow up by engaging with every discharge patients every day, 365 days of the year

CareTeam365 consists of:

  • RN Care Coordinators / RN Case Managers
  • Pharmacists
  • Motivational / mind body connection counselors/ Health Coaches
  • Nutritionists

CareTeam365 Training and skill set:

  • Licensed RNs with Proven Clinical Experience
  • Effective patient engagement skills
  • Motivational interviewing technique skills
  • Continuing education –offered by Maxlink Health Inc. to staff

Care management specialty Certified training – e.g. Diabetes Nurse Educator, Asthma Nurse Educator on board.

Partner with Maxlink Health CareTeam365

  • We offer Partnership program to fulfil your specific patient care communication and education needs. You can pilot Maxlink Health Care program for a small group of at-risk patients to see meaningful improvement as a result of its individualized approach before you decide to offer the program to the entire patient population.
  • Patients touched by Maxlink Health CareTeam365 program are expected to have less emergency room visits, fewer hospital admissions and readmissions and improved patient satisfaction. This could translate into significant savings for your organization.

To learn more about how you can leverage the benefits of directly communicating with your patients 7 days a week or as needed utilizing Maxlink CareTeam 365 as your communication partners please contact us –